Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lost-World from di ashes, after Bigbang ( mattepainting challenge)

About This MattePainting : Well name of this post explains alot about this concept. but few more details about this concept are like. : This lost world is located in cave which is a part of comet. and its journey begins when big-bang took place, now he's on his way to unknown destination.

(Instructions Give By [So here's what we want to see: A world untouched by man. You can base it on Earth or go with a completely alien landscape, we just want to see a prehistoric, raw, untainted world. Make it interesting! Your only limitations are that you cannot include any humans or any manmade objects (so, no cars, planes, buildings etc) in your image. Think out of the box,you could even have it underwater, or in space.]

From UP to DOWN : Image 1 (Making of my mattepainting), Image 2 (Images i collected from internet), Image 3 (Final Entry), Image 4 (Version 2)

Image 1 (To view making of this Mattepainting Visit This link [Animated Gif] ) :


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